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Monday, 22 January 2018
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In addition to our expertise, knowledge and commitment, we respond quickly and decisively to a client.  While we have certain professional disciplines and experienced-based processes we follow, we are prepared to respond to a client’s particular ways and means of doing things.

We begin each assignment with a joint-planning session to outline initial strategy and set target dates and interim progress deadlines that meet your timing requirements. Each practice sector has its differentiated concept and its own disciplines.

Executive Search

Internal disciplines and controls maximize the process of planning and executing an assignment. The process applies common sense, logic, and intuitiveness built on experience resulting in methodology that enables us to:

  • Provide a focused definition of your business objectives.
  • Conduct comprehensive marketplace research and systematic target company sourcing to identify prospective candidates.
  • Screen prospective candidates in terms of general qualifications, select the best qualified prospects, conduct in-depth interviews with each person, and select well qualified candidates.
  • Present written candidate evaluations that include verified biographical data, a detailed summary of business experience, and our in-depth analysis and appraisal of each candidate’s personal and professional qualifications.
  • Conduct in-depth reference checking for the finalist candidates.
  • Employ negotiating skills to attract the leading candidate.
  • Conduct post-employment follow-up during the first year of employment.


The purpose is to assess the attributes of key people with respect to the business in terms of appropriateness, and the alignment of key personnel to accomplish the business' objectives.

Emphasis is placed on understanding an organization’s strategic and operating goals and marketplace competitive factors, and assessing existing structure, work processes, support mechanisms, and the skills, talents and abilities of the people performing the task(s). Our objective is the optimal alignment of these dynamic variables to preserve the unique quality of your organization and to assist you in achieving your business goals

With respect to executive coaching, our approach is to work with individuals on matters that are usually described as performance improvement or interpersonal in nature (coping with issues, focusing energy, organizing and delegating, communicating, etc.) and we work exclusively with senior level managers and professionals. This is done within the context of a business’ culture, addressing what may be defined as performance improvement, development and/or career enhancement issues, and assimilation of the newly hired executive.

Whether our clients are large scale businesses or emerging companies we employ the same process:

  • Clearly define what is to be addressed.
  • Get agreement from everyone involved regarding a desired outcome.
  • Gain a commitment of time and attention.
  • Establish a willing, open, honest, confidential relationship with everyone involved.
  • Build a tailor made program to achieve the goal.
  • Follow through.


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